Boost your marketing and customer attraction with Bulk SMS

DevsKingdom provide Bulk SMS or SMS Marketing Service in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Our Bulk SMS Packages are attractive, precise and just waiting for you. So don’t miss out your chance on precise and efficient marketing in Bangadesh with DevsKingdom. We provides powerful and easy to use SMS API for developers. Easy integration with Software Applications & Websites. You can also send SMS messages directly through SMS Web Panel (Dashboard). Fast and easy to use SMS Gateway for School, Small Business SMS marketing, ISP & NGO in Bangladesh. DevsKingdom SMS also offers API Integration with Corporate applications.

Unlimited Groups & Contacts

Create Unlimited Groups & Contacts within sms panel

Bangla SMS Support

You can send Bangla SMS

Developer API

You can easily integrate with your Application with rest api.

Scheduled SMS

Send your sms on your predefined Date and Time

Delivery Report

Get detailed and accurate delivery report of your bulk SMS
Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers

Sublattice of electrons that point in one direction, than from the.

Benefits of SMS Marketing:

  • SMS marketing will generate more new clients
  • More Business will be originated from existing clients
  • Gross profit margin must be Improved
  • Extremely cost effective
  • No or little waste
  • Immediate delivery
  • Economical
  • Professional Impact on customers
  • 21st century marketing
Non Masking
  • 2000(sms) 0.30 BDT
  • 10000(sms) 0.28 BDT
  • 50000(sms) 0.25 BDT
  • 100000(sms) 0.22 BDT
  • Minimum Buy: 500Tk(2000 SMS)
  • File to SMS : Yes
  • Delivery Report: Yes
  • Developer API: Yes
  • 5000(sms) 0.60 BDT
  • 10000(sms) 0.55 BDT
  • 50000(sms) 0.50 BDT
  • 100000(sms) 0.45 BDT
  • Minimum Buy: 3000Tk(5000 SMS)
  • File to SMS : Yes
  • Delivery Report: Yes
  • Developer API: Yes
Terms & Condition:
Masking Name Registration Cost: 1500 Taka(One Time)